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Natural charm in Nusa Penida that I can never forget. "Never thought before if I was going to visit a place that did not even cross my head, do not plan to visit him hearing my previous name never will be but an internet advertisement makes me tempted to visit it and it turns out to be true in Bali there is another paradise has not been fully revealed and I have finally fallen in love with this island, Nusa Penida Island, and Saya after that first visit always say it many times to everyone I meet if Nusa Penida is my favorite tourist destination in Bali.

And I always repeat and keep repeating talking about Penida, hopefully everyone who heard it is not bored with my words, you must know Nusa Penida is an island located off the south coast of Bali. Although it is only a 30 minute boat ride from Sanur and 10 minutes from Nusa Lembongan but Nusa Penida is still very consistent to woo me coming and coming again to feel this little paradise and penida has really bewitched me and it still annoys me that a small part of this paradise has succeeded to steal my heart to travel this love because there are so many amazing things to do in Nusa Penida. Seriously, you will regret if you have not felt it. Do this holy journey then you will know and feel the love kesulu is the love of the beauty of Nusa Penida. "That Thoughts of Some Visitors to Nusa Penida

Most tourists who visit Nusa Penida do so for a one-day trip Or Half Day Tour to dive and snorkel amongst the pristine coral reefs at the border of the island but often they never step out to leave the island.

If you are looking for a safe, relaxing and fun vacation for you, your family and loved ones so you can experience the thrilling adventure and exploration, nusa penida is the best place for a vacation.

nusa penida boosts its natural beauty to make your holiday a spectacular and unforgettable experience. Plus, it's located right near the beautiful beach famous for its clear, calm waters and powder-like sand. When you stay here, you will feel comfortable and away from your urban lifestyle. This is a perfect paradise for visitors.

In addition to the stunning beauty of Nusa Penida, they also provide a tropical living comfort filled with western comforts. The trained and friendly housekeeping staff will make you feel like you are being served as a king and queen in heaven.

While you are enjoying your stay at one of the holiday villas in nusapenida, you can also experience the incredible sensation and adventure to escape from the high altitude. nusa penida has a coastline that offers all possible water activities, including surfing among the world's best waves, swimming with dolphins, cruises on cruise ships, snorkeling, diving, sailing and famous parasailing. There are more outdoor activities that you never miss such as rafting, mountain biking, hiking, and many others, including some extreme activities like bungee jumping and paragliding.

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